Partners is a Belgian hub between space and non-space industry, financed by ESA and BELSPO. We work in close collaboration with all relevant sector federations in Belgium.


ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) aims to inspire and facilitate the use of space technology, systems and know-how for non-space applications. TTPO has four lines of business to provide services and funding.

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Intellectual Property

ESA creates innovative, highly sophisticated technologies and applications to support its space programs. Many of these developments result in intellectual property (IP) for top-notch technology. ESA has a portfolio of approximately 450 patent applications and patents. ESA TTPO manages and markets this portfolio to the non-space industry.

Technology Transfer

ESA’s Technology Transfer Network is spread across 14 different European countries. This network assesses market needs in areas where there is a potential for exploitation of space technologies.

Business Incubation Centers (BICs)

ESA BICs provide selected entrepreneurs commercial and technical support to apply space technology in a non-space start-up. More than 200 start-ups have been supported to date.

Open Sky Technology Fund

ESA initiated a dedicated venture capital fund to support new businesses using space innovations. The investment focus is on seed-capital investments, start-ups and early-stage growth capital for companies using space-related technologies or satellite applications in non-space applications.


The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) manages the Belgian participation to the European Spage Agency. Being the fifth largest contributor to the ESA, Belgium is of strategic importance to our country and thus essential to our businesses. BELSPO also provides punctual support to policy makers by offering an overview of indicators on science, technology and innovation. By coordinating research efforts of all governments in our country, it forms the core for research in Belgium and Europe. BELSPO also forms a dome for institutions that offer an additional opportunity for researchers to present themselves at international level.


WSLlux – ESA BIC Redu
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B-6890 Transinne (Belgium)
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ESA BIC Flanders

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