3D-Localisation, 3D-Calibration, 3D-Inspection and Robot Control Software

3D-Localisation, 3D-Calibration, 3D-Inspection and Robot Control Software


Flexible Robotic Solutions allow robots to work in a very flexible way in a complex environment, which is not structured and predictable, using intensively sampled sensor information for calibration and adaptive control.

Flexible Robotic Solutions find the optimal solution for a robot application taking into account all constraints related to the process, the robot and the environment.

Flexible Robotic 3D sensing solutions are reliable and robust, accurate, cost efficient and extremely fast. Flexible Robotic Solutions comprise robot control software, 3D-localisation, 3D-calibration, 3D-inspection.



Flexible Robotic Solutions control software is based on an innovative control approach and software environment which enables complex sensor-based robotic tasks. A robot task is specified as an optimization problem which takes into account constraints that relate to the process to be automated, real-time sensor information, and the limitations imposed by the robot system and its environment. The optimization problem is solved in real-time. By adding or removing constraints this approach allows us to program complex tasks in a very flexible way.

Flexible Robotic Solutions 3D Smart Sensing Technology is used in its 3D-localisation, 3D-calibration and 3D-sensing offer. One or more laser sensors mounted on the robot generate very precise 3D data in real-time. The high-frequency/high-accuracy distance measurement of one or more 1D-laser sensor(s), or 2D-laser line scanner is turned into real-time 3D information by combining the laser measurement(s) with the measured robot position. Instead of taking a global picture of an object or a scene to obtain a point cloud, a limited number of specific feature points on the object(s) are measured. The laser distance measurements are combined with the actual position of the robot to directly obtain the 3D geometric description (position and orientation) of the features of interest (e.g. a reference plane, tangent plane or reference axis). The library of the Flexible Robotic 3D Smart Sensing Solutions for real‐time robot control, comprise a 3D Circular Object Finder Module, a 3D Rectangular Object Finder Module, and a 3D Surface Measurement Module. Examples include localisation, recognition and inspection of circular, cylindrical, spherical, planar, square and rectangular features and combinations thereof.

The solutions are reliable and robust, accurate, cost efficient, and extremely fast and are used for very precise 3D localisation, 3D calibration and 3D inspection in manufacturing, nuclear and space industry. The approach is generic so it is possible to rapidly prototype a hardware (sensor configuration) and software (algorithms) solution for a new applications


Innovations and advantages of the offer

Flexible Robotic 3D- Smart Sensing Solutions are fast, cost‐efficient, flexible, robust, and accurate.

Flexible Robotic Solutions turn raw data from one or more 1D‐laserdistance sensor(s) or a 2D‐laserscanner mounted on the robot into real‐time 3D information by combining the laser measurement with the robot position.

Flexible Robotic Solutions significantly reduces the required data processing and improves the accuracy and reliability of the measurement (which is limited by the accuracy of the robot position measurement). Because the Flexible Robotic Solution works with a small amount of data, very fast robot control algorithms can be designed to adapt or generate the robot motion based on high-bandwidth real‐time feedback.



  • Industrial applications
  • 3D-Localisation Services
  • 3D-Calibration Services
  • 3D-Inspection Services
  • 3D-Remote Handling
  • 3D-Allignment and Docking in nuclear and space
  • Robot Control Software


Potential Domain of Application in Space

  • Remote Handling
  • Robot Vision Control